Donate today to help girls in Haiti stay in school

Educating girls helps end the cycle of poverty

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Educating girls helps end the cycle of poverty

We are fundraising to educate girls to reverse the course of systemic poverty

In Haiti less than 10% of the entire population graduates from high school. Less than 10%! This kind of in-equity, the sort that limits access to education, is exactly the sort we’ve worked to address by helping a small group of Haitian girls go to school. And, guess what? Of the 17 high schoolers we support, three have just graduated from high school!

This is a good beating-the-odds story. But, what’s even better is what happens in communities when girls are educated and become educated women.

It’s well-documented that educating girls is key to ending the cycle of poverty. Educated adolescent girls are less likely to get married and have children at a young age. Educated women are less likely to contract HIV and AIDS. Educated women are more likely to become entrepreneurs and invest in and empower other women in their communities. And, in Haiti, girls that attend school are less likely to become prostitutes and get sold into slavery.

Of course, it’s not just what happens at school that nurtures a child to educational success. The home environment is the foundation for any student. The work we do to support the girls at home at RMOF helps lay the groundwork for their success.

The only way up and out of poverty is with education. This is why in 2013 the Hearthstone Village Board made a commitment to see the girls of Reveil Matinal Orphanage through their education, be it college, vocational school or an internship.

In Haiti, 30% of eligible Haitian children do not enroll in school and over 70% do not reach 6th grade. There are few public schools in Haiti and those are very overcrowded and have poor quality in their education. Unfortunately this leaves about 50% of the Haitian population as illiterate in either of the official languages, French and Haitian Kreyol. Of all the schools in Haiti, 85% are private and charge for tuition and registration. Because our goal is to give our girls the best chance at education we have them go to private schools. With a new school year beginning, our wonderful Education Sponsors support 15 high schoolers, 3 middle school students, and 9 youngest ones in the primary grades, K-3rd. They learn to read and write in French which will give them a serious leg up in life, no matter what the future brings. Two girls receive special education instruction at the orphanage.

Hearthstone Village pays the education costs of tuition, school supplies, uniforms, transportation costs and lunches through money donated by our Education Sponsors. We also employ a tutor teacher who works with the older girls in math and science support after school at the orphanage and a special education teacher who works with the two of our learning-challenged girls at RMOF daily. Donors that sign up as Educational Sponsors receive regular updates.

How You Can Help:

Statistics worldwide show that programs focused on girls lead to positive results. Empowered girls and women contribute to the health, education and wellbeing of their society. As you can guess, this costs money. We are always fund-raising to address these needs. Please support our endeavors.

And, we also need help spreading the news of our work to a wider audience. If you have someone in your life who may be interested in this work, please pass this information on to them. Let’s widen the circle of support around these extraordinary girls.

Hearthstone Village is an all-volunteer organization with a board of 9 women, all of whom contribute significant time and money to this effort. WE NEED YOUR HELP. All donations go directly to support the orphanage.

Please join us in sustaining this endeavor.